What I am consuming… (October 2018)

Last month I posted a discussion about the media I was consuming at that time.  I have gotten some positive feedback on that entry so I decided that I would try to make this a monthly addition.  In addition to sharing books, articles, and podcasts that some may not be aware of, it will help keep me honest and ensure that I continue to consume more and more information myself.  Here is this month’s entry.

What am I reading?

I am currently reading The Millionaire Fastlane by M.J. DeMarco.  I have found this book to be very fun and easy to read.  The author starts by clearly distinguishing between those following traditional advice—those he calls Sidewalkers and Slow-Laners—and entrepreneurs or Fast-Laners.  The writing is straight forward, the energy level is high, and the personal anecdotes are inspiring.  This is a book that I can see myself reading multiple times.  My kids are a little young for this one at the moment, but I can certainly see recommending this to them when they are a bit older.

What am I listening to?

Another favorite podcast that I am enjoying is Marriage, Kids & Money by Andy Hill.  Andy has a TON of energy and that comes through the airwaves.  It is hard to avoid the contagious effects of that energy.  I enjoy this podcast as it is not solely focused on personal finance but also dives into topics geared toward improving your family life as well.  I think that there is a strong balance between the topics while staying rooted in personal finance and I have gotten many great ideas from this one.

What am I watching?

As I write this in October, much of my television consumption is dominated by sports.  The Major League Baseball Playoffs is in full swing and the NFL season is at a point where most teams have knocked the rust off and are playing some entertaining football.  I really enjoy both sports and can watch pretty much any two teams playing.  However, I am lucky in that my favorite baseball team made the playoffs and my favored football team is one that has a large national following so opportunity to watch both come regularly.  With all the televised sports these days, I don’t have much time for other shows.  It is looking very likely that my baseball team will be eliminated here shortly.  So, my screen time may be opening up just a bit.