What I am consuming… (January 2019)

This is a continuation of a monthly theme where I document what media I am currently consuming.  In addition to sharing books, articles, and podcasts that some may not be aware of, it will help keep me honest and ensure that I continue to consume more and more information myself.  Here is this month’s entry.

What am I reading?

In January I have swerved a little and have been reading fiction.  I recently put a poll on Facebook asking for book recommendations from friends.  Out of that exercise, a friend mentioned a fiction series featuring the main character John Rain.  This character is a Japanese-American assassin with something of a moral compass.  I read a few things online about the series and quickly determined that I would like this type of book.  I quickly reserved the first book in the series, Rain FallSince this was not a newer book, I received it quickly.  This was a very quick moving and interesting book.  I enjoyed it a lot and have since reserved the second book in the series as well.  This first entry introduces the character and thrusts him into action almost immediately.  It opens with him stalking a target and eventually overtaking him.  John Rain’s specialty is to perform the assassination while making it look like a death by natural causes.  His moral compass comes into play when he describes his internal code which dictates that he will not accept a job unless 1) he is the only team hired for this job, 2) the target is not a woman or child or 3) the target is the target and not a family member or other target designed to send a message to the primary.  The book is filled with plenty of action and intrigue.  If you like action and espionage stories, this one will not disappoint.

What am I listening to?

Another podcast that I been listening to is Founders hosted by David Senra. The host is a student of business, specifically business founders.  Each episode of this podcast surrounds a biography of a business founder that the host has read.  He reviews the book, highlighting specific passages or chapters that he felt were key to the story.  I enjoy this podcast as the host’s enthusiasm is very evident.  Additionally, he is quite approachable.  He will often mispronounce words and will be quick to laugh at this own expense on this.  Another factor that makes me enjoy this podcast is that the host is a podcast listener and as such understands that excessive advertising can really take away from the subject.  This is something that has been bothering me quite a bit lately and the user feels the same way.  He does not use any advertising inside his podcast.  He tries to support the podcast by creating a subscriber model where listeners can voluntarily donate money to keep the podcast going.  He will also use affiliate links for each book so that if any listener orders the book through his links, he gets a small commission on that sale.  Listening to this podcast has introduced me to many business founders and leaders that I was previously not familiar with and this has led me to read several new books that I have enjoyed tremendously. 

What am I watching?

With the weather turning extremely wintery in January, I have been forced to walk on a treadmill instead of being able to go outside.  I find walking on a treadmill to be very boring and the way I survive this is to watch shows or movies while I walk.  In January I have been watching the series Boardwalk Empire.  This is a series that lasted 5 seasons and ran from 200-2014.  The series centered on the character Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, who is loosely based on the real-life Politician and reputed kingpin of the same name.  I had started the series a few years ago and never finished it.  So, I recently picked up where I left off, which was in season 4.  I have since finished that season and am almost finished with the final season as well.  I have really enjoyed the various storylines and characters in this show.  If you are a fan of gangster films or shows, this is one that will not disappoint you.  I will give fair warning, however, there is quite a bit of graphic violence so any viewer should be prepared.